Review: Sonic Generations (Xbox 360)

My GameFly Review: 9 (Excellent)

Rarely do I get giddy while playing a video game, but the nostalgia of “Sonic Generations” is staggering.

The Genesis was my first home console, so I grew up playing Sonic. The franchise has always had a special place in my heart, but admittedly I gave up prior to Sonic Adventures for the Dreamcast. I decided to give this title a shot and not only did I play this game over-and-over, but after unlocking 95% of the achievements I’m planning on purchasing it simply to play through it another dozen times. (Not to mention my 6 year old nephew LOVED this game before I sent it back)

Sonic Generations takes levels from your favorite past Sonic titles. From Sonic The Hedgehog to Sonic Unleashed & everything in between. The best part is the “Classic” and “Modern” re-imagining of all these levels. Classic is your vintage side-scroller of course; while Modern is the 3D, fast paced, racing-style gameplay that Sonic has seen in recent years. One of the coolest additions is collecting the Red Stars hidden through out the levels. When you collect the stars you unlock artwork, music, points for upgrades, and tons of other items that are well worth it.

The gameplay itself is blazing fast, and you will revisit levels constantly to unlock the highest rankings and collect all the hidden red stars. The graphics are colorful, vibrant, and bright enough to make even the Great Depression look like a party. And the audio will make you feel like a kid again (particularly “City Escape - Classic”). But if you choose to listen to some classic Green Hill Zone, when you unlock music items you can implement them into the levels as the backing track!

My only gripe is boss battles. They admittedly are quite forgettable and definitely don’t have the same feel as the classic Genesis showdowns.

However Sonic Generations proves that the classic formula is still 100% effective today. Sonic has truly stood the test of time, and you should have no regrets renting/purchasing this spectacular title.