Don’t let the title fool you.

"So Disgusting".  When you hear such a title, you may be under the impression that this is something negative.  Maybe a one-night stand from the bar, maybe an in-law, maybe a past job.  But let me tell you what this means today.


That’s right, another huge announcement to make today from the music side (hi there, Lokken Load).  Superstar, super lyrical, super well known artist Talib Kweli is putting out a new mixtape, engineered and mixed by our good friend Mr. E, and what is the first single off the tape?  You guessed it - a Lokken Load produced track by the name of “So Disgusting”.

This is a new approach from Talib, as he even stated so himself on his Facebook fan page, and the proof is in the pudding.  The mixtape will be available on October 3 on and iTunes!  So make sure you help support some quality music by making that purchase.

Preview the track here on the Youtube channel:

Thanks again for all the support.  Lawdy and I truly appreciate every single ounce of support and positive feedback.  It seems like things just keep happening - even when we go on a temporary hiatus.  It’s like the game just keeps pulling us back as if to say that maybe, just maybe, we can help contribute to this industry in a very real way.