Review: Sonic Generations (Xbox 360)

My GameFly Review: 9 (Excellent)

Rarely do I get giddy while playing a video game, but the nostalgia of “Sonic Generations” is staggering.

The Genesis was my first home console, so I grew up playing Sonic. The franchise has always had a special place in my heart, but admittedly I gave up prior to Sonic Adventures for the Dreamcast. I decided to give this title a shot and not only did I play this game over-and-over, but after unlocking 95% of the achievements I’m planning on purchasing it simply to play through it another dozen times. (Not to mention my 6 year old nephew LOVED this game before I sent it back)

Sonic Generations takes levels from your favorite past Sonic titles. From Sonic The Hedgehog to Sonic Unleashed & everything in between. The best part is the “Classic” and “Modern” re-imagining of all these levels. Classic is your vintage side-scroller of course; while Modern is the 3D, fast paced, racing-style gameplay that Sonic has seen in recent years. One of the coolest additions is collecting the Red Stars hidden through out the levels. When you collect the stars you unlock artwork, music, points for upgrades, and tons of other items that are well worth it.

The gameplay itself is blazing fast, and you will revisit levels constantly to unlock the highest rankings and collect all the hidden red stars. The graphics are colorful, vibrant, and bright enough to make even the Great Depression look like a party. And the audio will make you feel like a kid again (particularly “City Escape - Classic”). But if you choose to listen to some classic Green Hill Zone, when you unlock music items you can implement them into the levels as the backing track!

My only gripe is boss battles. They admittedly are quite forgettable and definitely don’t have the same feel as the classic Genesis showdowns.

However Sonic Generations proves that the classic formula is still 100% effective today. Sonic has truly stood the test of time, and you should have no regrets renting/purchasing this spectacular title.

Just Missed the Awards Ceremony!

Hey everybody, just wanted to take a moment to tell you to check out a new music video produced by Lawdy and myself, better known together as Lokken Load, and it’s directed by our very own Lawdy in his world debut as director, and let me just say: WOW.  I can’t stop listening to this indie masterpiece.

The brand new single "Heartless" from TiM's upcoming mixtape will certainly leave you wanting more.  The video is in full HD, and I recommend watching it with that to get the full quality as well!

I apologize for being M.I.A. with the Lokken Load updates.  Just remember though, we will never go away!  I actually prefer the low key attention we’re getting the past year or two, because it appeals to the diehard and real musicians/music enthusiasts out there.

Thanks again for the all the support, and keep your eyes and ears open for more from Lokken Load and TiM in the future!  We’ll always have something for you guys, no matter what.


TiM “Heartless”
Produced by Lokken Load Entertainment
Directed by Lawdy from Lokken Load

Don’t let the title fool you.

"So Disgusting".  When you hear such a title, you may be under the impression that this is something negative.  Maybe a one-night stand from the bar, maybe an in-law, maybe a past job.  But let me tell you what this means today.


That’s right, another huge announcement to make today from the music side (hi there, Lokken Load).  Superstar, super lyrical, super well known artist Talib Kweli is putting out a new mixtape, engineered and mixed by our good friend Mr. E, and what is the first single off the tape?  You guessed it - a Lokken Load produced track by the name of “So Disgusting”.

This is a new approach from Talib, as he even stated so himself on his Facebook fan page, and the proof is in the pudding.  The mixtape will be available on October 3 on and iTunes!  So make sure you help support some quality music by making that purchase.

Preview the track here on the Youtube channel:

Thanks again for all the support.  Lawdy and I truly appreciate every single ounce of support and positive feedback.  It seems like things just keep happening - even when we go on a temporary hiatus.  It’s like the game just keeps pulling us back as if to say that maybe, just maybe, we can help contribute to this industry in a very real way.

Welcome to the cast!

I am pleased to announce that we also now have Merill Hoge (“ESPN” football analyst and expert, and former Pittsburgh Steeler) attached to the film for an awesome role!  We are so grateful to have the opportunity to bring in such a great and genuine guy, and shooting with him is going to be a blast!  (Thanks Camera for the hook up!!)

Check out Merril’s webpage here:

So stay tuned everybody because more information will be coming soon, and we can hardly contain the excitement and anticipation.  Sometimes we pee a little :/ (no we don’t)

No Point in Being One Dimensional…

So on top of production; me and two of my friends, Jason and Cory, have been putting together a feature film.

This has been in the works since 2008 (yes, it’s really no easy task coming from the suburbs with no connection to the film industry, and climbing the ladder) and recently it’s been taking off, so I figured: since I have a Tumblr account for music, why not also use it as an avenue for our film(s)!?

I will update everybody with recent developments on here, not that anybody reads this — yet!

To start, go “Like” our Facebook fan page, Commuters the Movie here:

OFFICIAL Commuters Facebook Page

Currently we have Taryn Southern (“Battle: Los Angeles”, “Rules of Engagement”), Bryan Lillis (“Riddle”), Ashley Phillips (from the national hot spot “The Groundlings” comedy group), and 1/3 of the infamous Hanson Brothers, David Hanson (“Slapshot”) attached.  More people to be announced soon, we are hard at work!  And I’ll post any updates on the Tumblr so stay tuned!